here We go :-)

For just over a year now, i have been wondering who or what Lord Bhakti is. i know what Bhakti means as far as the definition goes but i did not really know what it truly meant. Well, i know now what it means to love God with all my heart :\’-) :\’-) :-). i woke up this past Thursday and recalled several conversations i had with my dear friend adrian and my new friend abba. After sitting there in shock at how ever changing this illusion is, i sat there and realized that it is You that is unchanging, never judging, never calculating, and has no piercing eye of distinction. Oh how such a fool i have been for sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long. all i can hope for is that i do not falter but i know i will and i can only hope for forgiveness. i know what it means to have the heart of Jesus, an unconditional love for That which Is :\’-) :\’-) :-). Words cannot do justice to how i feel inside, so blessed, so humbled.

Now there seems to be a big hullabaloo over this Lord Bhakti title that i have been given. Please, don’t believe for one moment that i chose such a title. I mean, who the fuck wants to go around calling themselves Lord Bhakti, but with that being said i realize what that title means and now i long for the day when i can introduce myself as Lord Bhakti.

The definition of Lord has many meanings. First and foremost, i am not God. It seems that because the Lord is capitalized it enfers that I am saying that i am God, well you can shove that thought up your ass. Here is the defenition of Lord from the Merriam-Webster, an online retrieval:

Definition of LORD

1 :  one having power and authority over others:

a :  a ruler by hereditary right or preeminence to whom service and obedience are due

b :  one of whom a fee or estate is held in feudal tenure

c :  an owner of land or other real property

d obsolete :  the male head of a household

e :  husband

f :  one that has achieved mastery or that exercises leadership or great power in some area <a drug lord>

Lord. (n.d.). Retrieved March 9, 2014, from

Please note the highlighted section. the mastery of the art of devotion has been bestowed upon this feeble mind and i employ all the major disciplines to keep the ego at bay as much as humanly possible. as each moment arises and passes i employ the discipline of non-duality (which you would think is not the case based on this post, but look at the previous posts), i meditate throughout the day via the use of mindfulness meditation and when meditating in a sitting position, i practice loving kindness, i love God with all my heart as any devout christian would, and finally i employ resting in silence or just being. i am not tooting any horn and i accept no ownership for any of this, it is what it is. Oh and by the way, u can call me whatever the fuck you want, because none it really matters anyway. All that matters is union with God, That which Is, the Universe, or pick whatever name you want to call Me, < lolol hehehe hahaha, now that is funny,

this next song is by Bassnectar and is titled “Here We Go” please note the “We” – Bhakti also means one who realizes union with God :\’-) :\’-) :-).


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