Know Thyself


It has been a long and interesting journey so far to say the least. Similar to walking in a labyrinth as described by miriam louisa simons (ml, lol) in her article On Labyrinths, Grace and the Via Creativa. When i look back on the journey, it seemed to unfold kinda ass backwards when compared to others, which i was scolded several times for, which in itself was part of the journey, lol. funny now but surely not when the scoldings were happening (all of them), so it goes. Well, enough of all of that, it is time to get down to the nitty-gritty of this little tidbit.

i struggled for several months trying to find out why, who or even what is Lord Bhakti. This struggle has finally come to an end, thankfully.

Lord Bhakti is that Love that transcends space and time.

That Love that is present in all things seen and unseen.

That Love that has always been, has never left, and will always be.

Oh, how it saddens me greatly to think that i was anything other than

that Love.

Oh, how it saddens Me greatly to think that you believe that you are anything other than

that Love.

I could not have picked a better name for Myself.

Lord Bhakti





With all of that being said,

as my sister in-law Shannon would say:

It’s time to rock out with my cock out!

Woot !!!!!!!!


10 thoughts on “Know Thyself

  1. In your July 6th post you described “That Love” in terms of where it is. Could you define it in terms of what it is? It’s characteristics and manifestations? It’s origins or roots? It’s creator?

    • Hey vic thanks for the questions.

      You are That Love, you and I are one and the same.
      That Love is everything and everywhere.
      That Love cannot be defined in terms, it must be felt, realized.
      I am not sure what the true nature of your inquiry is? If you do not mind please elaborate further as to why you are asking me these questions.
      Is there something you need help with or is there something you do not understand about your true nature?
      I hope my response was helpful.

  2. I am pretty sure I know my true nature. I am trying to draw your comments out of the esoteric and into the practical. Love is practical in expression and can be defined. People define it differently. Love can be a person and has been defined as a Person in the Person of Jesus Christ. However that label came from practical expressions such as sacrifice, teaching, ministry to the poor and broken-hearted. The true nature of my question is to determine the expression outwardly of your brand of love. You have named yourself as such so I should be able to see it right? if so them what would the expression of you or your love look like? my thoughts are that you can’t simply be love by claiming to be such. But you would need to prove that out in action. Love is both and at the same time a noun and a verb. You have declared the noun part of the definition as you and even me. What is the verb or expression or demonstration or proving out of that noun in you and in general?

    • Hey vic,

      sorry about the late response. i was able to respond to you earlier by using my phone while dropping a deuce (i did wash my hands if you are wondering, lol) and using up my 15 minute break at work. Isn’t technology wonderful? Anyway, your question had me thinking a bunch today. i kept trying to define what My outward expression of Love is but as soon as i would define it, it would change as a new experience arose. It seems My outward expression of Love is what it is depending on what is needed at any given moment. a smile, a frown, good advice, bad advice, being, thoughts, grace, anger, no thought, good smells, bad smells, awareness, blindness, sadness, happiness, good, bad so on and so on throughout the day. i know this is not the direct answer you are looking for but this all i can give you at this time. i just try to do the best i can do each and every moment that passes and i guess that is all we can do. embrace everything that occurs good and bad and just try and be. so it goes.

  3. Thanks for getting back to me. And thanks for the consideration you gave my queries from your “Fortress of Solitude” and upon your “Throne of Knowledge”….haha

    I think you have gotten to the point of this Socratic exercise. Love is a difficult thing for us to define. We all come to it based on our own needs and wants. And we rub up against the definitions of others we have patterned their internal definitions based on their own experiences. Then there is always the fall back position which you used and that most people used when trying to validate their brand of love, “I just try to do the best I can”. All of these human variables set up a condition within the human experience that is ripe for heartache and disappointment.

    As an example there is the expression of love in a husband and a wife. A husband sees his expression of love being born out in his responsibility to his wife and a wife sees her expression of love in her care and support of her husband. However often each will expect their brand of love from the other and hurt sets in.

    There is also the reality that we are both our worst critics and the ones who give ourselves the most license. Simply we let ourselves off the hook when we can’t or won’t meet our own standard of Love.

    With all of these variables and all of the license and legalism and spectrum of experience humans find themselves in need of a common standard. Something that we can point to and call the definition for the expression of true and perfect love. That standard needs to come to us externally rather than internally so that it can be universal. And it needs to come from someone or something that has the authority based on either position or demonstration to give such a standard.

    I am sure you are familiar with these words but this seems to me to be an all-sufficient standard for the activity and expression of love. Love is patient ans kind. It does not boast or envy. It is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way and is not irritable or resentful. It rejoices in the truth rather than a lie. It bears, believes, hopes and endures all things. It is the greatest thing one can do and it has the power to last forever.

    I know that when i measure myself against this standard I find myself lacking. I am sure you would be honest enough to say the same thing. But the great thing about this standard is that it shows us what true abiding love is and it shows us we fall short. It also shows us that we cannot conjure up this love within ourselves. It shows us that we are not, and we never meant to be alone in this pursuit. It shows us that we can not the center or the greatest on the universe. It shows us that we need the help of another and one greater than ourselves.

    When we decide to use the moniker of Love as our self title we must be cautious. The expectations from that declaration are more than any man is able to achieve and fulfill. We must be humble enough to say that while we desire to love we cannot do it alone.

    One day if we ever have the chance to meet face to face I will tell you of my journey to these truths and the availability of the path.

    Until then enjoy your day and your regularity…haha


    • Hey vic,

      Now it is my turn to ask some questions.

      1. You say you are pretty sure you know your true nature, could you please elaborate further?
      2. Could you describe this path of availability to these truths?
      no need to rush, take your time, and if you do not want to respond it is all good. have fun :-) <3<3<3<3 LB

      • Thanks for asking the questions. I think I will take them one at a time. The first one was about my knowing my true nature. I believe we all have a common nature. Mankind can be divided into three basic parts. Body, Soul and Spirit.

        Body – This is the temporary physical nature of man. By itself we would be like the rest of the animal kingdom. We would be driven by the base needs for survival. We would be not aware of the passing of time and even self awareness. We would be simply carnal. But that is not the end of man as the Creator has made us aware of ourselves by creating us with a soul and Spirit.

        Soul – This could also be described as our hearts. The soul or heart of man was originally created to communicate openly with our Creator. However things changed and man assumed authority over his heart. This was a big mistake and caused a separation between man and his Creator. The heart of man struggles with this separation. It has been said that the heart of man is deceitfully wicked and that man does not even know the depths of that wickedness. I think we can all confirm this reality by examining our own hearts and deeds. The heart operates mostly in its own self interests. However there is also in the heart of man the desire to rise above itself. It strives for greatness and sometimes achieves such. But it can’t escape its past and its desires. To be restored to its original and intended condition it needs help. Help that it cannot find on its own. The restoration of the soul/heart must be accomplished by the creator. Until that happens mankind continues to try to overcome itself through works. But works will never accomplish restoration. So the part of our nature known as our soul/heart is in a state of fallenness, struggling to free itself from its corruption, living with the reality of its condition, fighting its guilt by works of outwardly percieved nobility, knowing its inward wickedness, awaiting and desiring its redemption.

        Spirit – This is the eternal part of man. It is that which sets us apart from all of creation. It is that which will survive this world and live on when our bodies are returned to the elements. The question of course is where it will live on. But it will live on. Some believe it becomes a part of a singular collective. Some believe it will return again to learn more of itself. Some believe it will have a chance to commune in perfection with its Creator. Some believe in another plane on which the spirits of man are gathered. Thoughts vary. But the spirit of man was created. It has a creator. It longs for the day of its freedom and the communion with its creator without the restictions imposed by the body and soul.

        So the true nature of man is that he is carnal and driven by base instincts, he is aware of himself and struggling to with the secret knowledge of that awareness, and he is eternal and longing for the offered freedom of eternity.

        I hope this helps you understand my position on the true nature of man.

  4. Hey vic,

    your reply is quite wonderful and i agree with almost every thing you have said except one thing. i did not give myself the moniker, Love hehehe hahaha lolol :-) Bhakti has more than one meaning:

    The Sanskrit and old Hindi noun bhakti is derived from the verb root bhaj, whose meanings include “to share in”, “to belong to”, and “to worship”.[12] It also occurs in compounds where it means “being a part of” and “that which belongs to or is contained in anything else.”[13] Bhajan, or devotional singing to God, is also derived from the same root.[14] “Devotion” as an English translation for bhakti doesn’t fully convey two important aspects of bhakti—the sense of participation that is central to the relationship between the devotee and God, and the intense feeling that is more typically associated with the word “love”.[12] An advaitic interpretation of bhakti goes beyond “devotion” to the realization of union with the essential nature of reality as ananda, or divine bliss.[13]

    I would love to meet you and hear about your journey.

  5. Oh…and as to your name…..I had read the definition you posted previously when I researched your name. I knew of its origin and suggested meaning. However I addressed you from the position of Love because that was part of the definition you emphaszied. Perhaps at some point it would be a good exercise to parse out the rest of the definition of your name that you posted.

    If you email me directly i will let you know where I am. I believe we are close enough to meet and answer your second question face to face. That question is the most important question man can ask.

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