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maybe we can use the sensitive instruments from the Hadron Collider to see what happens when life is created. Instead of destroying matter  maybe the opposite would be a better choice, create life and lets see what we see, if anything at all.

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The above song has nothing to do with this particular post, but when i hear the lyrics, when ignorance reigns, life is lost, I cannot help  but feel a little bit angry.

the wall of text that that i am posting here today is just a pointer and nothing else. Anything written, cannot be whole but yet it is, lol. anyway, i accept no responsibility for what is written here and it has been a huge part of my journey up until this point.

i gotta give a shout out to my road dog, Adrian Taylor for being a beautiful devotee, beautiful person, and my best friend. Adrian had to listen and read sooo much of my bullshit, not just this paper but a whole bunch a stuff. have a great day buddy :-) i would tell you thank you but that is just like pissing in the wind, lol :-)

oh and by the way, this paper has not been officially edited, so if there are corrections that need to made, please let me know so i can fix whatever issues that are found.

So without further adieu, i present to you the physics of Insight


The physics of Insight


Myles Peters


1. Recent discoveries in quantum mechanics are starting to reason that there is no separation between quantum mechanics and Einstein’s theory of relativity, leading to one to speculate that all of what we experience can be explained through quantum mechanics alone. Quantum mechanics is the understanding of how nature works at the subatomic level or smaller. The theory of relativity explains how nature works from a visible level. The two theories do not currently mathematically coincide with each other, but physicists have been hard at work on developing a mathematical framework that is able to combine the two theories into a single unified theory (Hanada et al., 2013). Or in other words, a nondual perspective of nature from a scientific and mathematical viewpoint.
2. Sir Roger Penrose and Dr. Stuart Hameroff have presented the human race a working model of consciousness involving protein tubulins, which are the main components of microtubules1 (Hameroff  & Penrose, 1996, Abstract, para. 3). These protein tubulins are in one of two states where a single quantum event (electron localization) within a central hydrophobic pocket is coupled to a global protein conformation producing quantum coherent superposition (Hameroff and Penrose, 1996, Microtubules, fig. 4)2. The microtubules are inside the synapses and can collectively collapse their wave function to produce consciousness of sensed events. This working model is called Orch OR, which is the self-collapse quantum gravity threshold in microtubules orchestrated by Microtubule Associated Proteins (MAPs) (Hameroff & Penrose, 1996, Space-Time: Quantum Theory and Einstein’s Gravity, tbl. 1).
Essentially, this description links our consciousness with space-time as a result of electrons in protein tubulins being in a quantum coherent state within a central hydrophobic pocket. This model is quite complex and involves many moving parts and normally I would not take for granted any man’s description of how we operate at any level, but my own thoughts gained through Insight have confirmed this very interaction.
When I look through the mind’s eye and recall past events or project future events, I realize that each event, regardless of its complexity, whether it is an image of an apple or a bird soaring in the sky, is never exactly the same. Even if I try and recall the same event over and over, moment after moment, it remains a mere approximation each time. Therefore, this process must act on a particular range of possibilities and, as a result, leads me to believe that the human psyche is quantum mechanical in nature as opposed to deterministic in nature.
Possibility is the term given for a quantum system such as an atom or sub-atomic particle which remains isolated from its environment and behaves as a wave of possibilities existing in a coherent complex-number valued “superposition” of many possible states (Hameroff and Penrose, 1996, Space-Time: Quantum Theory and Einstein’s Gravity, para. 1). If the piercing eye of distinction has any doubts about what has been described by Penrose and Hameroff, then all one has to do is look at the research involving photosynthesis and quantum mechanics in plant life (Engel et al., 2007). Plant life has light-absorbing molecules in some photosynthetic proteins that capture and transfer energy according to quantum-mechanical probability laws instead of classical laws at temperatures up to 180 Kelvin. This contrasts with the long-held view that long-range quantum coherence between molecules cannot be sustained in complex biological systems, even at low temperatures (Collini, 2010). If plant life can accomplish quantum mechanical processes then most certainly all life forms can.
3. If Penrose and Hameroff have given the human race a working model of the consciousness based upon quantum mechanics and classical physics and if this model is to be correct, then maybe some of these processes might be part of psychic functioning that is not directly observable (Jung, 1960). According to Carl Jung, the personal unconsciousness consists of, first, those contents that became unconscious either because they lost their intensity and were forgotten or because consciousness was withdrawn from them (repression); secondly, of contents, some of them sense-impressions, which never had sufficient intensity to reach consciousness but have somehow entered the psyche (Jung, 1960). Since Carl Jung’s observations, neuroscientists have discovered the process of how the human brain creates short term and long term memory. This process is as complex as the Penrose and Hameroff model but, to put it simply, short term memory involves covalent modifications that are generally restricted to either presynaptic or postsynaptic structures. Long-term plasticity (long term memory) involves the growth of new synapses requiring protein synthesis (Kandel, 2001). Protein creation and microtubule formation is the cornerstone of new cell synthesis and this is needed to create a new synapse (Desai & Mitchison, 1997). Since the human brain is plastic, some of the synapses degrade over time or are replaced by new ones. This is an ongoing process and not static as once perceived.
4. If the microtubules inside of the synapse are key components of consciousness and the personal unconsciousness, then how does one experience something that is new, Insightful, and not composed of past memory? Jiddu Krishnamurti and Dr. David Bohm had an in-depth discussion regarding Insight and they agreed that Insight is dispelling the darkness of the center and the mind is becoming part of a movement of energy that is timeless (Krishnamurti & Bohm, 1985). For protein creation to occur electron transfer must take place and this process is an integral part of all molecule creation (Brittain, 2008). So in essence, every synapse created must involve electron transfer at some level. We create synapses from constant interaction with our environment through the use of our senses. That which is acquired through Insight is a sensed event but is not a direct result of our interaction within our observable environment through the use of the five senses but is perceived by the five senses. The only way one can remember something Insightful is through synapse creation. This Insightfulness as envisioned by Jiddu Krishnamurti and David Bohm, I believe must communicate to us through the process of collective primal photon absorption (Pitkänen, 2009).3 What I call this “collective primal photon absorption” is what I believe to be the electromagnetic force stemming from the beginning of the Kosmos (Wilber, 1996), a force Archetypical in nature and permeating and influencing all life. The “collective primal photon absorption” changes the energy level of the electrons in the protein tubulins, therefore changing their conformation state presented by the Orch Or model (Umul, 2011).
The electron in the protein tubulin is in its quantum coherent state when not collapsed (free from the interaction of conscious mental activity) which allows the electron to be affected by the “primal photon”. When an electron is in its quantum coherent state, all the rules of quantum mechanics apply, most notably, being in two different places simultaneously and in two different states simultaneously. Even though the sensed event is local,  “collective primal photon absorption” is a non-local phenomena. As a result, this effect stimulates the synapses that one has created during one’s existence to create new synapses that one can recall. This involves covalent modification of pre-existing proteins, leading to modification of pre-existing synaptic connections (Kandel, 2001).
Through constant reinforcement from remembering the Insightful experience, new synapse formation can occur, creating Insightful long term memory (Kandel, 2001). Therefore, through Insightfulness, coordinated “primal photon absorption” occurs as a bridge of Knowing; also known as the Light that we all have the potential to see; or as some of us know to be the wind behind the sun (Jung, 1960)!
5. Sections 2 through 4 describes conscious functioning at quantum level and how the brain processes information directly perceived from the five senses and through Insightfulness. Every spiritual discipline involves some sort of mental practice that is aimed to strip away the ego (conscious thinking to an extent), whether it is some form of meditation, yoga, resting in silence, awareness watching awareness, contemplative prayer, or simple realization that you are That which Is prior to this existence and the devotional practice of that realization. So what is the brain doing that allows one to be in constant constant state of awareness, as much as humanly possible? The Orch OR model describes conscious function as a collapsing of the wave function to produce a sensed event.
I say spiritual practice is the opposite of this function, where the spiritual practice allows the electrons in the microtubules to be in there natural state, the state in which the electron can be in many possible states simultaneously. This allows the electrons to be naturally in tune with the Kosmos and not in a separate state, i.e collapsed to sense something from the five senses. Even though one is practicing some sort of spiritual discipline, many of the brain’s functioning processes still continue to operate normally. For example, while meditating many thoughts come and go, but awareness of these thoughts become more intune and seem to slow down. Allowing part of the brain to be free flowing, uninhibited by conscious thinking.
I would like to point out that synapses and their molecular structure are intrinsically part of the Universe and are not separate from anything, even “the collective primal photons”. It is our concept of ownership that believes that we are separate. All the matter in the Kosmos is whole and complete and is interconnected at the quantum level. Think of life forms as the flowers of a tree, the Earth the tip of a branch, the Milky Way the larger section of the branch, and the Universe the trunk. Even though the flower, the tip of the branch, the branches, the trunk may look different they are still part of the tree. No separation!
6. What is amazing about the Orch OR model is that is has some small impact on space-time. For instance,  every action performed by life involving the process of changing the conformation state of the protein tubulin is a fixture of space-time. Brian Green has presented a description of the cosmos that shows how each event as it unfolds since the conception of the Kosmos is like a slice of space-time (Greene, 2004, p. 70). Each slice represents the calculations of the four dimensions of a particular event in the cosmos (Greene, 2004, p. 70). Therefore, each life form’s sensed event carves out its own slice of space-time within the Kosmos regardless of its complexity. According to string theory, the fundamental constituents of matter in the Kosmos are not “void” point particles but have spatial content (Greene, 2004, p. 344).  Incorporating spatial content to particles such as photons, electrons, and other fundamental particles forces string theory to postulate more than the four dimensions the human race collectively agrees upon (Greene, 2004, p. 359).
All life creates protein tubulins which are capable of a single quantum event (electron localization) within a central hydrophobic pocket. The electrons that are part of proteins that have spatial extent (curving space-time and therefore occupy a certain amount of space-time)  at some dimension that we have not yet calculated (Pitkänen, 2009). All electron space-time curvature created by life (even that curvature created by thought itself, whether through Insight or not) is an intrinsic part of this Kosmos, it never leaves us, nor does it disintegrate. This can be observed at some point, but currently we do not have the instruments to observe this directly.
7. The picture that has been painted for us is a beautiful work of art.. This painting shows a true symbiotic relationship with Source.  Electromagnetism is one of the four main forces at the beginning of the Kosmos, and photons are the particles that carry the electromagnetic force (Greene, 2004, p. 348). It is the form that is limited, and therefore our knowledge is limited, but through unconditioned meditation our form can escape the confines of our consciousness and stop the perpetual rising and falling of sensation so to know that Stillness, that Oneness, which you are.
1. Microtubules are hollow cylindrical polymers of individual proteins known as tubulin. Microtubules (“MTs”) are interconnected by linking proteins (microtubule-associated proteins: “MAPs”) to other microtubules and cell structures to form cytoskeletal lattice networks (Hameroff and Penrose, 1996, Microtubules, fig. 4).

2. Electron localization is the concept of measuring localized groups of electrons, encompassing such notations as atomic shells, binding and lone electron pairs, and pi-electron subsystems (Becke, A. D., & Edgecombe, K. E., 1990). The hydropocket allows the electron to function in its quantum mechanical state without classical interference, also known as quantum coherence.

3. Through extensive research I could not find anything related to this concept, but I did find some research from a Mr. Matti Pitkänen that I found quite interesting. Mr. Matti Pitkänen has proposed physics that shows the possibility of macroscopic and macro-temporal quantum effects that might be crucial for living matter and consciousness. Therefore, the only reference for my proposal is from Insight and Self Inquiry.

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I just had to do it :-)



“Did My Time”

The other day I met an interesting person at a local bar that I visited for the first time. During our conversation he asked me what my favorite song was and after a little bit of hesitation I said “Did My Time” by Korn. I love music and it is hard to just pick one favorite song but this song has brought about sooooo much emotion over the past few years that it stands out among the others.

Where to begin, well, the lyrics talk about one’s anger towards themselves and the world around them. I can definitely relate to this. I was angry for so long, asking questions like, why is this world so fucked up? Why do You keep letting things go on this way? Why is life soooo difficult? When are You going to do something? Why am I soooo confused? so forth and so on.

After my awakening so to speak, lol :-), even the title “Did My Time”  would had an effect on me. I would say to myself, great I have had these experiences, gone beyond, wow, cool, whatever, but what about everyone else? I would then get angry at the thought of my past lives and thoughts about other beings going through this as well would send me into a rage. Ah, but the lyrics in the song saying “Oh God the anger’s changing me” would provide some relief. I begged and pleaded to have the anger disappear, apologize for being so ignorant.

Well it seems that my anger is gone, don’t get me wrong I still get pissed at stuff but it does not send me into a rage towards that which Is as it has done in the past. Now when I hear this song, the first thought that comes to mind is opportunity :-) which will be discussion for another post.

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have shed tears listening to this song, both tears of joy and sadness. Even now as I listen to get the quotes right  :_):_(

Oh and by the way, this is a killer headbanging song, just hardcore :-) Cannot wait until Korn comes to Portland, I will be on the floor fo shiggity sho :-)

“Did My Time”

Realized I can never win

Sometimes I feel like I have failed

Inside where do I begin

My mind is laughing at me

Tell me why am I to blame

Aren’t we suppose to be the same

That’s why I will never tame

This thing that’s burning in me


I am the one who chose my path

I am the one who couldn’t last

I feel the life pulled from me

I feel the anger changing me


Sometimes I can never tell

If I’ve got something after me

That’s why I just beg and plead

For this curse to leave me

Tell me why am I to blame

Aren’t we suppose to be the same

That’s why I will never tame

This thing that’s burning in me


I am the one who chose my path

I am the one who couldn’t last

I feel the life pulled from me

I feel the anger changing me



I feel so enslaved

I really Tried

I did my time

I did my time

I did my time

I did my time

I did my time


I am the one who chose my path

I am the one who couldn’t last

I feel the life pulled from me

I feel the anger changing me


Oh God, the anger’s changing me [x2]

here We go :-)

For just over a year now, i have been wondering who or what Lord Bhakti is. i know what Bhakti means as far as the definition goes but i did not really know what it truly meant. Well, i know now what it means to love God with all my heart :\’-) :\’-) :-). i woke up this past Thursday and recalled several conversations i had with my dear friend adrian and my new friend abba. After sitting there in shock at how ever changing this illusion is, i sat there and realized that it is You that is unchanging, never judging, never calculating, and has no piercing eye of distinction. Oh how such a fool i have been for sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long. all i can hope for is that i do not falter but i know i will and i can only hope for forgiveness. i know what it means to have the heart of Jesus, an unconditional love for That which Is :\’-) :\’-) :-). Words cannot do justice to how i feel inside, so blessed, so humbled.

Now there seems to be a big hullabaloo over this Lord Bhakti title that i have been given. Please, don’t believe for one moment that i chose such a title. I mean, who the fuck wants to go around calling themselves Lord Bhakti, but with that being said i realize what that title means and now i long for the day when i can introduce myself as Lord Bhakti.

The definition of Lord has many meanings. First and foremost, i am not God. It seems that because the Lord is capitalized it enfers that I am saying that i am God, well you can shove that thought up your ass. Here is the defenition of Lord from the Merriam-Webster, an online retrieval:

Definition of LORD

1 :  one having power and authority over others:

a :  a ruler by hereditary right or preeminence to whom service and obedience are due

b :  one of whom a fee or estate is held in feudal tenure

c :  an owner of land or other real property

d obsolete :  the male head of a household

e :  husband

f :  one that has achieved mastery or that exercises leadership or great power in some area <a drug lord>

Lord. (n.d.). Retrieved March 9, 2014, from http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/lord

Please note the highlighted section. the mastery of the art of devotion has been bestowed upon this feeble mind and i employ all the major disciplines to keep the ego at bay as much as humanly possible. as each moment arises and passes i employ the discipline of non-duality (which you would think is not the case based on this post, but look at the previous posts), i meditate throughout the day via the use of mindfulness meditation and when meditating in a sitting position, i practice loving kindness, i love God with all my heart as any devout christian would, and finally i employ resting in silence or just being. i am not tooting any horn and i accept no ownership for any of this, it is what it is. Oh and by the way, u can call me whatever the fuck you want, because none it really matters anyway. All that matters is union with God, That which Is, the Universe, or pick whatever name you want to call Me, < lolol hehehe hahaha, now that is funny,

this next song is by Bassnectar and is titled “Here We Go” please note the “We” – Bhakti also means one who realizes union with God :\’-) :\’-) :-).


Happy Valentine’s Day <3

The next several posts will be YouTube links to some of my favorite songs. Most of the songs have a story associated with them regarding my personal journey, some just have a great message, some songs are just, well, jammin, head bobbin, body moving, good shit :-)

The first song is “Could you be loved”, by Bob Marley. Listen to the lyrics and realize that he is not talking about an external love, such as a love for all things that are this illusion, but the One Love.  Could you be loved? Sure can, Love does not discriminate :\’-) :\’-) :-)

words of wisdom from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey :-)

Gandalf: Saruman believes it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.